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Dear users! This site is private and its only for you, for small group of users.
It is very difficult to save a live links for you.
Here you can post your comments about this site or requests.


Than bigger your request, the more likely that it will be ignored or deleted. Trust me, you’re not alone here. Here are a lot of requests from another users. And at the same time I’m not a robot.

Ask 3-4 sets in one request. It will be ok.
Thanks for understanding.

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  1. Hello admin hope you had a great day
    can you add these videos :
    1)kety pearl-Kety inflates our cocks! [Part 1]-PornWorld-15 min
    2)kety pearl-Masturbating on balloons! [Part 2]-PornWorld-12 min

  2. Hello admin how are you
    can you add this video from pornworld(DDF)
    kety pearl-The devil wears latex!-(28min)
    thank you so much.

  3. Hello,
    Not expecting miracles, but still will ask.
    Site is long time offline, and uploaded ones to hostings are also not available anymore.

    Maybe you have some sources where such files are available:
    ScandiGirl – Melena – On the Beach
    ScandiGirl – Maria – The Elevator
    ScandiGirl – Maria – Inside Part 1

  4. Hi,

    Could you please post the following from Rylsky – one photo set, an done video.

    RA – 2016-09-23 – RINA & WITTA – PETAROSAS – by RYLSKY

    RA – 2015-08-29 – RINA & WITTA – RECORDA – by RYLSKY


  5. Hi Admin, it’s been a while. Thanks for keeping things up!

    I’ve got a rather cheeky request.
    WowGirls 2022-12-06 Title: Fuck Me Emma White in 4K, 60FPS if possible.

    Please split it into multiple parts, can’t afford a premium account atm!


  6. Hello Admin,
    Hope you are in good spirit!
    I keep finding girls I never knew about. I recently found the gorgeous Rebbeca (two “b” and one “c”) from Eva’s Garden. She is so beautiful, it’s a crime…
    I believe Eva’s Garden site has gone away, so I’m hoping you still have access to those files. If so, may I ask for one of her photo sets? It is called “Play The Shadow” and has 79 images. Unfortunately, I do not have a specific date…
    Thank you!

  7. Dear Admin My Request

    RiginStudio 2009-07-24 Liza Egyptian
    RiginStudio 2009-08-15 Liza Guest Girl
    RiginStudio 2010-02-02 Liza Wet Girl
    RiginStudio 2010-02-22 Liza Coastal Strip

    Thank you as always

  8. Hello Admin,
    Could you please add the following items from EROTIC-ART?

    1. 2023-06-27 — Tata — “Secretary Of State Ero” — 42 images
    2. 2023-08-16 — Tata — “2nd Secretary Of State Ero” — 50 images

    Thank you so much in advance!

  9. Hello
    Hope you have a wonderful day
    can you tell me (Alina a) have how many sets in total on <>
    and can you add these sets:
    1)euronudes1-Alina a-set70
    2)euronudes1-Alina a-set54
    3)euronudes1-Alina a-set53
    4)euronudes1-Alina a-set52

  10. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2016-04-26 – ARDELIA A – TUBE
    ETD 2016-08-21 – ARDELIA A – NARRA (MOVIE)
    ETD 2016-10-14 – ARDELIA A – BALET
    ETD 2016-12-05 – ARDELIA A – ART ME

  11. Admin, Oops, I overlooked a few Maria – R-S sets that I’m missing. Could you please include these with my previous request and that will complete this request:

    Maria “Children’s Pranks” Rigin-Studio 2007-08-08
    Maria “Maria-art” Rigin-Studio 2008-08-12
    Maria “Yellow and Blue” Rigin-Studio 2011-07-05

    Sorry about that, and thanks for all your good work!!

  12. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2014-07-06 – ARDELIA A – PLEZURO
    ETD 2014-08-03 – ARDELIA A – CONTENTO (MOVIE)
    ETD 2014-10-03 – ARDELIA A – KABLY
    ETD 2015-09-20 – ARDELIA A – CLARO (MOVIE)

  13. Hello Admin,

    May I impose again and ask for a photoset of Sarika? It is from TLE and is called “Pleasurable”. It was originally posted on 2016-10-08.

    Thank you.


  14. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2013-03-28 – ARDELIA A – RUMORS
    ETD 2013-04-29 – ARDELIA A – KAAPI
    ETD 2013-08-17 – ARDELIA A – PRIVATE (MOVIE)
    ETD 2014-04-03 – ARDELIA A – GIGHT

  15. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2016-04-10 – GLORIA SOL – FACIL
    ETD 2016-10-02 – GLORIA SOL – POOL
    ETD 2017-01-22 – GLORIA SOL – AIRE

  16. Hello Admin.
    Could you please post:

    Tiffany (aka Njura) “Sunny Sea” Rigin-Studio published 2010-01-29

    Thank you, in advance.

  17. Hi Admin,

    could you please upload:

    VT 2019-07-25 Allatra Hot & Kate Rich – Come On In
    VT 2019-07-22 Zazie S & Elina De Lion – Movie Night
    VT 2019-07-18 Nikki Hill & Dorothy Black – Maid To Cum

    SA 2023-09-10 Barbie Rous & Liam Salvatore – Moving Up

    T I A

  18. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2013-03-18 – EDITA RECNA – MODERNA
    ETD 2013-04-19 – EDITA RECNA – AUSGANG
    ETD 2013-07-26 – EDITA RECNA – BLUES

    ETD 2013-08-07 – LORNA A – BUDUAR II

  19. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2016-12-27 – SELINA – TAKE ME

    ETD 2013-08-15 – MALINDA A – DESNUDAR
    ETD 2014-05-30 – MALINDA A – OH, SIR!

  20. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2017-10-08 – ELLA G – ELLA G

    ETD 2017-06-22 – KAY J – KAY
    ETD 2017-08-27 – KAY J – AGAIN

  21. Hi Admin, thanks for the update.

    Could you please upload Picset
    SA 2023-09-03 Gina Snow & Deny Lou – Tied Up

    T I A

  22. Hello Admin,

    can you please share the Nubiles sets
    2020-03-10 – Gwen – Taking It Off
    2020-03-07 – Gwen – Shyly Sweet
    2020-03-06 – Gwen – Sexy Cute
    2020-03-03 – Gwen – Mini Skirt

    The sets should have a mp4 and jpegs. I you think this exceeds the 4 set max rule, please share less :-)

    Kind regards,
    Mel ca

  23. Hi Admin,
    As always, thank you for the awesome work.
    May I ask for one set? It is that of Maria E. On Met-Art, there is only one photoset (unfortunately) for her. Date is 2006-02-26.

  24. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2016-04-01 – Elissa K – Nute
    ETD 2016-05-15 – Elissa K – Urbo
    ETD 2017-04-14 – Elissa K – Nega

  25. Requesting the ff:

    ETD 2015-04-17 – Elissa K – Tecno
    ETD 2015-06-11 – Elissa K – Yeah
    ETD 2015-07-25 – Elissa K – Tool
    ETD 2015-10-16 – Elissa K – Mondo

  26. Hi Admin,

    May I request these videos?
    MAX, 2017-01-31, Sybil A, Tablet Stories 3
    MAX, 2017-02-01, Niki Mey, Hot Bed
    MAX, 2017-02-02, Mira D, Deep Inside Me
    MAX, 2017-02-04, Valeria A, Wet and Hot

    Thank you so much!

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